New Adventures and a New Name!

Well folks, I have been very blessed to have a husband that also enjoys my passion for photography.  We have decided to combine our passion into one business and with that comes a new brand and business name.  We are finalizing all the paperwork, websites, etc.  As soon as I have everything converted I will let you know our new business name and associated websites!!  Exciting times for us.


Take the Time for Family

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Fredericksburg, VA to visit my aunt, Linda.  We officially she is my aunt, she is three years younger than me, but we are more like sisters.  We are so much alike it is scary!  We were very close growing up, well not really, she continues to remind me of how I picked on her when we were little!! LOL.  She did live with us for awhile to go to a better school and when we were older she lived with me for a short time in an apartment and this is where our bond really started to develop.  She has been there for me during the hard times and has been there for me during the great times. She is my sister from another mister and I love her dearly.

Anytime that I get a chance to go to Virginia on business I always make it a point to stay longer to visit her and her husband, Bryan.  This trip was no exception and we had a blast.  We shopped, went to a wedding, she treated me to a 3 hour day spa, shopped some more and just had pure girl time.  I know I need it and later realized she also needed it.  It’s always hard to say good-bye because I wish that we lived closer.  We dress the same, think the same and have the same quirky sense of humor.  I am so proud of the woman she has become and I continue to look forward to more great times with her.  So thank you Linda, thank you for being my family, my friend and most of all for just being you!  I love you to the moon and back girlfriend.

me and linda 2 me and linda



Ready to Play

This is pretty sad that at 47 I’m excited about my new purchase, vintage wood blocks! As soon as I saw them posted on Facebook, yes I’m addicted to those swap sites (no not partner swapping…LOL) I immediately posted, “I want them!” These are awesome little props for photographing kids and I’m sure I’ll find some other ideas to use them as well.

Of course, I had to take a photo with them spelling out my passion… love for photography! What has been one of your special finds for photography that you got so excited for?

IMG_7464adj webwm

I’m Still Here!

No I didn’t fade away into the distant land of the lost, no I didn’t win the lottery (darn) and no I didn’t become rich and famous….I just have been busy with family and the craziness of life. So I apologize if you’ve been checking my blog and wondering where the heck I’ve been. So a quick update:
1. I have not been sticking to my exercise plan as previously discussed, go figure!
2. I am still working on lots and lots of ideas in my planner for my photography business.
3. I’m really really trying to get better at blogging more often.

I hope all is well with ya all and talk to ya soon!

Birthday Blessings, It’s Not Just Another Day

Well, today is my birthday and I am “X” years of age!! Let’s just say I’m getting older on paper, but I sure don’t feel older.  All day at work as people were telling me happy birthday I kept saying, “it’s just another day.”  Then I started reflecting on my life and realized it’s not just another day.  I feel very blessed to still be living, not just ‘living’, but living a healthy life with a wonderful family and great friends.  I feel very blessed to have a wonderful career with great co-workers.  I am blessed that God equipped me with many talents (which I never realized until I got older) one of which is my true passion, photography!  I’m blessed because I’ve learned with age that it doesn’t matter what I look like, what type of clothes I wear, what kind of car I drive or the type of house I live in; what truly matters to me is that I’m a woman of God and I want to make a difference in people’s lives.

I want to be a good mom to my wonderful son, Jeremy.  You mom’s know what I mean, today Jeremy texted me, “Happy birthday to the best mom in the whole world.”  Brought tears to my eyes, because that is all that matters to me is that I AM the best mom to him in his eyes.  I’m blessed to have such adorable grandchildren and am young enough to enjoy them to the fullest.  I’m blessed because I have two great step-daughters who accepted me from the very beginning and are sweethearts.  I am blessed to have such a supportive and loving husband.  He makes me laugh everyday, has been there for me during the tough times, lifted me up and makes me feel beautiful day in and day out. 

I’ve realized on this day if it wasn’t for God and my wonderful parents I would not be the woman I am today.  Looking back year over year, it’s through all the trials and tribulations that I’ve failed, hurt, loved and learned to be stronger each time.  I’ve learned to appreciate everything and never taken anything for granted.  Life is short, so today is not just another day….today is my birthday and I am truly blessed!!!



Quote of the Week

“If you’re going to be passionate about something, be passionate about learning.”

The Rose

The Rose

My grandmother loved yellow roses and every time I look at one I think of her immediately. She passed away more than ten years ago and I miss her dearly. As a tribute to her I always said I would have a yellow rose bush in memory of her. Our very first one my son picked out and since then we’ve moved three times and I’ve had one at each house. Love you Grandma!

Personalized Art

I am always looking at creative ideas on ways to build my business.  One of the things I’ve incorporated as a second business is personalized art.  I actually purchased the licensed software probably about five years ago and have just started to promote it a little more.  These make such wonderful inexpensive gifts for anyone in your life.

I make First Name gifts (meaning of your first name), poems, verses, quotes and all can be personalized to your liking.  The art backgrounds that are available are endless (Army, Lighthouses, Medical, etc).  For Father’s Day I’m actually promoting on my personal FB page a few Father’s Day gifts.  Here are just a few examples, the quality isn’t great because it’s just a screenshot of my computer, but you get the jest of it.



Photographer T-Shirts

I’m starting to sell t-shirts, tanks and more all related to photography, boating and anything that I feel will inspire others.  This is the first of many ideas that I’ll be promoting.  This one reminds me of the Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon “hash tag” skit that had me in stitches!! #funny #laughing #OMG #####

So if this #photographer t-shirt is something you like or you feel would make a great gift for someone feel free to order before June 14, 2014.  This is a limited edition and products will  ship after that date.

Thanks for your support!

p.s. Check out the camo style too.

Camo #photographer t-shirt

Finding Fun in the Dehumidifier

With all the toys in the house my grandkids decide they would rather play with the dehumidifier.  They love shaking their head over the vent with the air blowing out.  It is so cute watching them experience this simple enjoyment.  These are the little moments in life that we need to appreciate!


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